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That system originally shipped with a PERC2 SC - Single Channel AMI RAID
That will use the native "megaraid" module. If it didn't find anything you
may have no logical drives defined.

To check:

<ctrl+M> when you see the option to
choose "Objects" then "Logical"

If there is nothing defined:

<ESC> back to main menu
"Configure" and "View / Add"
<Space> to select drives to add
<Enter> to end adding drives
<F10> to configure array options
Accept the settings when done
<ESC> all the way back to main, saving changes
"Initilize" on the new array.

At that point you have a logical disk that can be seen outside the
controller. Install your OS as you normally would.
If this doesn't fix your problem please call into the normal phone support.

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I tried to install SUSE 7.2 any it won't find the hard drives!  I have a
Dell Poweredge 1300. 
Sticker  00DV8.  I know little about the box but assume that it has a PERC.
What should I do?  I have checked the Dell website and see all kinds of
drivers for Red Hat.
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