Open Source OpenManage Server Agent drivers

Marc Schmitt schmitt at
Thu Nov 29 06:49:00 CST 2001

Dear company,

On Matt Domsch`s Linux page, I read that customers who would like to 
have Open Source OpenManage Server Agent drivers for RedHat Linux should 
email to this address.

I currently administrate a 8 CPU PowerEdge 8450 with 4GB RAM and a 
PERC3QC controller where a PowerVault 210S with 12 70GB disks is 
attached to. The server was delivered with RedHat 7.0 preinstalled by 
Dell. Due to security flaws and performance issues, I decided to upgrade 
to the latest enterprise kernel provided by RedHat 
(2.2.19-7.0.12enterprise), which breaks support for OpenManage/DRAC. 
Therefore I would welcome Open Source drivers from Dell so that there is 
a possibility to upgrade to a new kernel without worrying about having 
no driver modules that can be loaded into the new kernel.

Thank you.

	Marc Schmitt, IT Support Group
	Linux System Administrator	
	Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
	Department of Computer Science

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