Kernel messages about the clock timer

Seth Mos knuffie at
Thu Nov 29 02:30:00 CST 2001


We have a Dell PE2500 with 2 1.13Ghz processors and 2GB of ram and highmem 
We are currently running Red Hat Linux 7.1 with a kernel compiled from 
Which is the Red Hat Update kernel patched with XFS. (Good Enough Arjan? :)

Nov 28 14:03:51 coltex-2 kernel: probable hardware bug: clock timer 
configuration lost - probably a VIA686a motherboard.
Nov 28 14:03:51 coltex-2 kernel: probable hardware bug: restoring chip 

These messages seem a bit odd. The PowerEdge 2500 has a Serverworks chipset 
so what is it doing here?
It seems that the Progress 9 databases that we run on top of the OS are 
affected and produce errors related to corruptin which according to the 
help file might be hardware related.

Here is the complete message from the Progress KnowledgeBase that describes 
the error wew are receiving.


This solution defines Progress Error 49 (Memory Violation) and
provides possible ways to correct it. The error reads:

      SYSTEM ERROR: Memory Violation. (49)


This fatal error has a number of possible causes. Most commonly it
appears in the following instances:

      - Not enough memory or corrupted memory on the machine.

      - Not enough configured swap space on the machine.

[seth at coltex-2 seth]$ free
              total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:       2057736    2052132       5604      53608          0    1569376
-/+ buffers/cache:     482756    1574980
Swap:      4096496      14600    4081896

The kernel is also compiled with the ECC memory detection.

      - Hardware failure.

      - Corrupt compiled code (.r file).

The code is not compiled and is interpreted on the fly.

      - Corrupt Progress executable (for example, _progres).

md5 matches with installation.

      - A Progress executable compiled under an incompatible operating
        system or operating system level.

It is on the Progress supported OS list.

      - Corrupt data.

Datbaser was reloaded just 1 week ago and the machine did not crash in between.

      - Possible .bi file corruption.

      - Progress bug.

      - Newly upgraded Progress installation.

I am just trying to make sure everything is alright since this machine will 
be our production database machine starting next week. We have been testing 
the machine for over a month now and this is the first time we received 
this error.


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