PERC3/Di new FW improvement

Dirk Wetter dirkw at
Wed Nov 28 11:54:00 CST 2001


i upgraded on a PE2550 from build 2991 to 3512 and i got mixed

on an xfs over 3x72GB RAID5 drives i definitely see a performance
improvement. similar to what David reported block output e.g. is now
28MB/s, before it was at 21MB/s. also block reads perform better (50MB/s
vs  56MB/s). and file deletes and creates became way better: 6270 vs 4700
file deletes per second and 6113 vs 3910(!) creates per second.

on an reiserfs partition (RAID 0, 2x18GB 15krpm drives) the ONLY
remarkable performace increase i see for block writes (31MB/s vs
28.5MB/s). other values changed by less than 5% and to be certain one
has to make better statitics for useful results.

i used bonnie++ and kernel 2.4.14 (still with the old aacraid patch),
on this system i don't have a ext2fs big enough for bonnie available.

On Wed, 21 Nov 2001, David Vu wrote:

> Hi,
> I just updated the FW on the PERC3/Di on our 2550 to versino 2.6-0
> (build 3512) and have found that the bonnie++ sequential block write
> speed on the RAID5 volume is up 1.5 times (to ~30,000K/sec) and block
> read is up 1.3 times (to ~54,000K/sec), compared with 2.5-0.  These
> are with 5 10Krpm drives U160/3 SCSCI disk.
> Anyone find similar results?
> David.
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