Mount Points and Partitions

Ed Martin ed.martin at
Wed Nov 28 04:47:00 CST 2001

>Is there any program or ways to change the size of the existing
>partitions(swap, Linux Native) or add additional partitions without
>destroying the data? (like Partition Magic for Windows). I thought it would
>be easier for me to just modify existing partitions on my PE 2500 (FI with
>RH7.1) instead of manually re-install the Linux.

I've used a combination of two linux tools to do this.

This manipulates partitions.  Like fdisk but according to the fdisk manual:
" There  are  several  *fdisk programs around.  Each has its
       problems and strengths.  Try them  in  the  order  cfdisk,
       fdisk,  sfdisk.   (Indeed,  cfdisk  is a beautiful program
       that has strict requirements on the  partition  tables  it
       accepts,  and  produces high quality partition tables. Use
       it if you can. "

This resizes the filesystem on the partition.

It's a bit fiddly, but I have used this combination a few times now, and it does work.  Definately make sure you have a backup first!  If growing a filesystem use cfdisk and then resize2fs, if shrinking reverse the order.

I used it on new servers from Dell which came partitioned in ways I didn't like.  Especially 7.0 which set /var to grow.

Newer versions of Partition Magic do understand ext2, but I was doing this on a PE server with hardware RAID for the boot device, and figured that a simple DOS boot disk probably wouldn't work.  (Though I really should try it in case it does I guess!).



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