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Subject:  Mount Points and Partitions

We just bought a PE2500 from DELL and planning to install RH 7.1 on the
server to run as Lotus Domino Application Server. The specs of the PE 2500
is roughly as followings:

CPU: PIII 933 x 2
Memory: 1 GHz
Hard Disk: 2 x 18 GB (RAID 0)
RAID Adapter: PERC 3/Di Controller

In Dell documentation, it is recommended that partitions and Mount Points
are employed as below:

UP (Utility Partition) - 32 MB - DOS
/ - 512 MB - Linux Native
/boot - 20 MB - Linux native
swap - variable - Linux swap
/usr - 2560 MB - Linux native
/tmp - 64 MB - Linux native
/var - 1536 MB - Linux native
/home - 1024 MB - Linux native
/usr2 - Glowing - Linux native

I'm still a newbie in Linux and has been using Windows platform all along.
I wonder:

1) By fixing so many partitions and sizes as suggested, what are the
advantages? I thought it will limit the effective used of hard disk space!
2) Is there any other partition configuration that is much more suitable?
3) What is the recommended swap size for the server, as a Lotus Domino
Application server serving around 50 - 100 users concurrently?

Thanks in advance for any input.

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