Debian install on pe2550: Can't find hard disks?

Willy Lee willy.lee at
Mon Nov 26 18:10:00 CST 2001


I'm attempting to install Debian potato on a Dell pe2550 with a PERC
3/DC installed (uses the megaraid driver, according to the info on
Matt Domsch's site).  I made boot disks from the images provided at 

but when I try the install, it says it cannot find any hard disks to
install to.  This particular boot floppy gave me the option to
pre-load essential modules from floppy, but I am not sure what I am
supposed to do here.  I tried using the floppy containing the
drv1440.bin image but it fails because it won't mount.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.  This is my first
experience with SCSI and RAID on any machine, so please keep that in
mind when you think, "Oh, he probably knows that already" -- I
probably don't. :)


"...the nonstandard parts, which must conform to certain standards of
non-standardization are also to be handled only in a standardized
nonstandard way in order to standardize on the overall non-
standardization. I hope this makes the position clear." --John Gordon

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