Unability to flash PERC3/QC

Philippe Gramoullé philippe.gramoulle at mmania.com
Mon Nov 26 14:40:01 CST 2001


I've just upgraded the firmware on 4 PERC3/QC out of 5 from
1.57 to 161J right fine. ( on a 2550 )

But on one of the card i have :

Adapter : PERC 3/QC
	Image   : p3fw161j.rom

	You are Flashing Firmware 161J BIOS 3.17 
	Current          Firmware 1.57 BIOS 3.13
	Do you wish to continue?(y/n):y

	Please Wait...
	Loading Image....
	No Response from Adapter 0 
	No adapters was flashed

Is the card broken and should be replaced ?
If not, what can i do to flash it ?

I don't have direct physical access to the card so a software
solution, provided it exists, would be better :o)

Any comment welcome.



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