Fixed aacraid patch against 2.4.15/2.5.0

Hubbard, David dhubbard at
Sun Nov 25 20:35:00 CST 2001

I guess we have to deal with things like this when Dell
chooses to use hardware from a garbage company like
Adaptec...  they never have been very supportive of
linux.  You're definitely right though Chris, I have
heard the same story out of them for quite some time
as well.


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That, unfortunatly, from what i understand, is a completely different

Dell gets its driver from adaptec. The current driver is a 'port' from
the NT driver. This driver has been rejected for inclusion from the
linux kernel since it is full of 'NT style' stuff.

Adaptec tells the world it is re-writing the driver to a more linux
conforment style, which can then be included in the linux kernel.

My only problem with this is, that i have heard that same story for
quite a while now (> 1 year), and still see no new driver releases from
adaptect & partners..

So for now, the quest is to get this driver update included into the
next redhat linux kernel updates.

	-- Chris

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