Customer looking for simple install of Linux RAID driver Matt_Domsch at
Wed Nov 21 16:33:01 CST 2001

I think this sums up the build steps pretty well.  (If he couldn't find it,
the search engine was broken for a few days.)
Of course, the aacraid patches are at


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> I just got off a call with a customer. My knowledge of Linux is zero so
> please forgive any incorrect translations of what the customer said. If
> there is anything else I can do please let me.
> I have a customer that is looking for a patch that can be easily applied
> against the /usr/src/linux tree for aacraid RAID driver on 2.4.14 kernel.
> He is looking for a simple way to get to this level. He loves your site
> but is having difficulty working with the information you have posted on
> the site. He also stated that if you could post a MOP? or quick and dirty
> howto.
> The customer is James Sauber with Cable & Wireless in the Cayman Islands.
>  << Message: James Sauber >> 
> Thank you,
> Aron Singletary
> Sales Manager
> Dell Latin America & Caribbean
> Dell World Trade L.P.

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