Customer looking for simple install of Linux RAID driver Aron_Singletary at
Wed Nov 21 12:22:01 CST 2001

I just got off a call with a customer. My knowledge of Linux is zero so
please forgive any incorrect translations of what the customer said. If
there is anything else I can do please let me.

I have a customer that is looking for a patch that can be easily applied
against the /usr/src/linux tree for aacraid RAID driver on 2.4.14 kernel. He
is looking for a simple way to get to this level. He loves your site but is
having difficulty working with the information you have posted on the site.
He also stated that if you could post a MOP? or quick and dirty howto.

The customer is James Sauber with Cable & Wireless in the Cayman Islands.

 <<James Sauber>> 

Thank you,

Aron Singletary
Sales Manager
Dell Latin America & Caribbean
Dell World Trade L.P.

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