Broadcom 5700 on Red Hat 2.2.16-22

Chris Szilagyi chris at
Tue Nov 20 13:35:00 CST 2001

I have compiled and installed these drivers, under the 2.2.19-7.0.10enterprise
kernel released from Red Hat.  The problem we were having before is definitely
gone now, as I have done some extensive load testing and everything is up to
speed, with no drops or hangups.  Thanks to Ard van Breemen for sending those
drivers along...


Ard van Breemen wrote:

> On Tue, Oct 30, 2001 at 08:37:31AM -0500, Chris Szilagyi wrote:
> > Oct 26 13:05:15 fw kernel: eth0: Tx hung
> > Oct 26 13:09:24 fw kernel: eth0: Link up, 100 Mbps half duplex
> > We have tried the Broadcom driver v 1.4.5, supplied by Dell, and also the
> > Broadcom driver v 1.4.6 supplied by 3com for the 3c996, which we have found
> > has the Broadcom chip in it.  We tried both of these drivers with the
> > 2.2.16-22 kernel, and with the 2.2.19-7.0.10enterprise kernel, and get the
> > same results.  We also tried the obvious by using different ethernet cables
> > and plugging into a 10/100 switch and a gigabit switch. Still, the same
> > problem.
> You can try the "latest" broadcom drivers.
> You can download them from:
> I will upload version 2.0.27 soon now...
> One note however: You cannot ask support for this driver from broadcom.
> If you find a bug, you should file it as a debian user according to
> debian standards.
> If you just use
> > I was wondering if anybody else has seen the Broadcom adapter do this. I
> > would also appreciate any feedback on how stable this adapter is and how
> > stable the driver for Linux is.  We are temporarily using two Intel Pro
> > 1000/T adapters and they are rock solid.
> I use the 2.0.24 driver in a test setup at 100Mbit Full duplex...
> It seems rather stable. I have attacked it with about 70000 packets
> per second. It did not barf on me once.
> I have seen the same problems with the intel e100 drivers. The 1.6.6
> drivers went as far as to just stop... The 1.6.22 drivers seem to reset
> the chip somehow, and then continue. I attack these with 132000 packets
> per second, and they barfed once due to downing and upping the interface.
> I guess your biggest problem is running half duplex. I've seen lockups
> before, not even the intel ether expres, but also the i82596.
> That one locked up frequently, and then I had to reset all irq circuitry
> etc...
> However, you might find this interesting (from the changelog)
> v1.5.4 (05/04/01)
> - Fixed interrupt and TX hung problem on 5701.
> - Added OEM strings.
> Find attached the release notes for 2.0.24
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