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Tue Nov 20 10:13:01 CST 2001

Jonas Bofjall wrote:
> I am a consultant who set up cost-effective Linux systems. Recently I based
> a solution on the Dell PowerEdge 2500 hardware, which so far has proven to
> be very reliable and good performing. I look forward to be using a lot more
> of this hardware in the future.
> However, I took the decision to switch hardware on the premise that Dell
> officially supports Linux. This standpoint has been posted both on your
> mailing lists and your web site. I seem to have got the wrong impression.
> I want to download the SNMP-utilities called Dell OpenManage for Linux,
> but they are only offered as Red Hat RPMs and only supported on the Red Hat
> kernel.
> This defies the whole point of open source -- vendor independency! I do
> *not* wish to lock my customers to Red Hat software, nor can I use their
> stock kernels of performance reasons. Can you please publish OpenManage
> tools that work for *Linux* (as opposed to Red Hat Linux), in a standard
> format such as tar.gz, *or* clarify that you do not support Linux on your
> web pages.
> Thank you
>   // Jonas Bofjäll

Hi Jonas

We use Debian everywhere at Lycos Europe Paris Datacenter.

I downloaded some of the MegaRAID utilities, yes , in RPM
format but used "alien" utility to convert to debian packages
and .tgz.

Ok it's binary only but so far i've been able to reconfigure
a RAID card 2000Km away from here with a running machine.

Like it or not, RedHat is mainstream amongst the linux vendors
and it's no surprise that Dell chose RH to jump on Linux bandwagon.

But of course, it would be better IMHO to have the source code of these
to be able to taylor it to our own needs if needed.

As far as my experience with Dell , we _never_ experienced a single
problem so i would not change from vendor and so far Dell people on this
list have been very responsive and helpful.



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