Jonas Bofjall job at
Mon Nov 19 18:46:00 CST 2001

I am a consultant who set up cost-effective Linux systems. Recently I based
a solution on the Dell PowerEdge 2500 hardware, which so far has proven to
be very reliable and good performing. I look forward to be using a lot more
of this hardware in the future.

However, I took the decision to switch hardware on the premise that Dell
officially supports Linux. This standpoint has been posted both on your
mailing lists and your web site. I seem to have got the wrong impression.
I want to download the SNMP-utilities called Dell OpenManage for Linux,
but they are only offered as Red Hat RPMs and only supported on the Red Hat

This defies the whole point of open source -- vendor independency! I do
*not* wish to lock my customers to Red Hat software, nor can I use their
stock kernels of performance reasons. Can you please publish OpenManage
tools that work for *Linux* (as opposed to Red Hat Linux), in a standard
format such as tar.gz, *or* clarify that you do not support Linux on your
web pages.

Thank you

  // Jonas Bofjäll

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