Dell Factory Installs Red Hat Linux 7.2 Matt_Domsch at
Mon Nov 19 10:37:06 CST 2001

>      What is the latest on the DMI errors with the 2.4.9-13
> kernel?  Also, I have heard of new updates to handle the
> performance problems with the Perc3 RAID controllers, what
> is the status of those?  I have 4 PowerEdge 2450s that I
> would like to migrate to 7.2 but, would like to see some
> resolution to these issues first.

Sure, I understand.  Some progress has been made, but we're not 100% there
yet.  By cleaning up all cases where memory is used for DMA, we've made it
easier for the kernel to give the driver memory to do I/O, so that's good.

The real issue right now is that the aacraid device simply stops generating
interrupts (or somehow the driver doesn't get them).  Eventually, commands
time out, no further commands can be processed, and the system runs out of
memory trying to queue commands to a "dead" controller.  Not sure why this
wasn't seen with kernels earlier than 2.4.9.

There's also a bug in the error handling (possibly alleviated by use of the
"new error handling - circa 1997-8" kernel code),  but we shouldn't get into
that mode in the first place.

Feel free to follow and contribute to the discussion on
linux-aacraid-devel at (  Soon as we've got
something solid, we'll make an announcement on linux-poweredge at


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