PowerEdge2500/PERC3-DI with Linux RedHat 6.2

John_L_Jones@Dell.com John_L_Jones at Dell.com
Thu Nov 15 12:13:00 CST 2001

Dong Ha - 
Are you selecting the perc driver first, when prompting for the media type
to install from? It does say CDROM, but this is misleading. Select the
aacraid or percraid module first, then the controller that the cdrom is on
second and that should work. The error message you are getting usually leads
to this cause. Also, have you created the container and scubbed in the perc

John L. Jones
Dell Linux Server Support

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Subject: PowerEdge2500/PERC3-DI with Linux RedHat 6.2

I tried to install Linux RedHat 6.2 for PowerEdge2500/PERC3-DI but it did
not work.
and this is error message" an error has occurred no valid devices were found
on which to create new filesystems please check your harware for
the cause of this problem"
I also had tried download the driver from domsch.com/linux and follow the
installation guide but still came up with the same error message
Please help
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