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When you say "aacraid", this does not tell us what type of Adaptec RAID
Controller you have (i.e. PERC2, PERC2/SI, PERC3/SI, PERC3/DI).  The "I" in
2/SI or 3/SI means that the controller is Intergrated onto the systemboard.
Is this PERC Controller you have is 4-Channel PCI Slot Card?

Here is the link for DOCS on all our Adaptec RAID Controllers.


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I have an aacraid card sitting here, but no docs that I want to poke around
with. I've been trying to find the docs on dell.com with little luck but
Im wondering what ram the pci 64bit aacraid card wants feeding and how much
I can add ?

(Or better yet a URL for the manual for the thing ?)

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