Help needed fsck exited with signal 11

David Vu David.Vu at
Wed Nov 14 17:57:00 CST 2001

Hi Chris,Matt,

The box has 1GB of RAM which matches your description.  I think I'll
try the mem= workaround now just to get the box going again, but
thanks for the info about your patched kernel.

Hopefully this will enable me to run bonnie++ and to catch those disk
errors.  Crossing fingers now...



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: On Wed, 14 Nov 2001, David Vu wrote (on linux-poweredge):
: > Checking root filesystem
: > / was not cleanly unmounted, check forced
: > Warning... fsck.ext2 for device /dev/sda3 exited with signal 11
: > [FAILED]
: Hi David,
: This (as well as everything being fine with the earlier
: kernels, and on
: rpm -Va) is consistent with problems that I've seen in the RH errata
: kernel on highmem-enabled machines.  See
: linux-aacraid-devel for further
: details.  An unofficial and unsupported patch (written by
: me) was posted
: there yesterday against the RH errata kernel that works
: around the issues
: that become evident with the aacraid driver - but I don't believe it
: fixes the actual cause.
: If you have only 1GB of RAM in the machine, you can work around the
: problem temporarily by sacrificing the top 128MB of RAM -
: add "mem=896M"
: to your LILO line.  Effectively you're disabling highmem by
: doing this,
: which is one of the factors needed for the failure to occur.
: If you want to try a kernel RPM that I've built locally and
: have been
: stressing with continual reboots every 10 minutes for the
: past 24 hours
: (something that would fail 19/20 times for me prior to my
: patching) - then
: you can try:

It's built from the redhat 2.4.9-12 sources, with my workaround added
avoid the crashing I was seeing.  It only comes with a "works for me"
guarantee.  If you want to rebuild from source rather than try this
RPM, then see the aacraid list for the patch - a variant is attached
to a
recent message sent by Matt Domsch.

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