BIOS upgrade A01 to A02 failed on PE7150.

Philippe Gramoullé philippe.gramoulle at
Wed Nov 14 15:21:00 CST 2001


I've downloaded the BIOS upgrade A02 ( file PE7150_BIOS_A02.efi 
from DELL's web site ).

I put it on the LS120 , started an EFI shell ,ran the file
and then waited for the upgrade to finish.

Unfortunately, i got and error et the end when trying to update the
backplane subsystem: It says that secondary backplane adress couldn't
be found at adress 0xvalue and right after prompted from a key to be
to reboot the box.

After the reboot i have a warning saying that the backplane firmwares
are out of sync (0.04/0.16) and the box start to beep loudly.

I can still access the EFI menu but map -r will only list me
4 blk devices.

I'm wonder why the rescue instructions are right under the installation
prcedure on Dell's web site !

Box is powered off right now :-(

I'm sorry for the negative feedback here so i should add that _ALL_
other DELL equipment is working 100% fine here (100+


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