eepro100 with 2.4.14 on a PowerEdge 7150

Ard van Breemen ard at
Wed Nov 14 12:24:00 CST 2001

On Tue, Nov 13, 2001 at 12:38:49AM +0100, Philippe Gramoull? wrote:
> PS: System is a Dell 7150 4x800MHz , 4Go RAM + Debian Unstable.
> BIOS is A01 CPU Revision 6
Try apt-get install e100-source,
and build the e100-module.
(e100-source is in non-free, because it is non-free according to USA
More about e100-source: apt-cache show e100-source.
I have found that intels driver is better in the handling of intel chips,
than the eepro100.
There are some problems with the source-code however: It contains patented
code (which only holds in the USA), and therefore it cannot be enhanced
or whatever for the greater good (At least I have a lot of enhancements
on my list, which I can't because it is not free). Due to this issues,
I can perfectly understand that you ditch intels i559 in favor of
f.i. broadcom, which delivers non-patented GPL'd source code.
On the other hand: we only have intel cards...

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