Help needed fsck exited with signal 11 Matt_Domsch at
Wed Nov 14 09:16:09 CST 2001

> two questions: do you mean ">1GB" or ">=1GB"? secondly does it have
> something to do with then fsck.ext2 hangs upon booting?

It's actually "more than 896MB of RAM" to be strict.  Above that, it's
considered "High memory" (CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G or CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G).  Problem
is, the aacraid driver's scatter-gather functions during I/O are getting
passed a buffer that resides in high memory, where on earlier kernels (pre
2.4.9-ac(really late)) this wasn't the case.  Fortunately, Jens Axboe has
been working on allowing the SCSI subsystem to make use of high memory
properly, rather than use bounce buffers in low memory for I/O which really
slows things down.  That's the change that went in to 2.4.9-acX, and what's
causing the breaking of the aacraid driver which wasn't expecting that. :-(

The temporary workaround is to boot with "mem=896M".  Not pretty, but it'll
get you up-and-running.
The permanent solution will be to apply Chris Pascoe's patch which allows
I/O buffers to be in high memory (this was definitely a bug in the driver,
though just now discovered), and while we're at it, try to root out all the
other cases where this could break in the future.


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