Help needed fsck exited with signal 11

David Vu David.Vu at
Wed Nov 14 04:44:01 CST 2001


I just installed RH7.1 with 2.4.9-12smp on a Dell 2550 box and after
some disk errors/system hang following the running of bonnie++, I had
to power cycled the box.

At boot time, the system reports

Checking root filesystem
/ was not cleanly unmounted, check forced
Warning... fsck.ext2 for device /dev/sda3 exited with signal 11

/dev/sda3 is my root partition

I rebooted with the RH71 cdrom, launched linux rescue and fsck all of
the filesystems with no problem, but when the time comes to reboot of
the HD, the above error always occurs :-(((

The only thing that gets me past this point is to boot linux with the
'fastboot' option.

How can I really fsck the / filesystem properly and tell the system
that everything is OK?  BTW, I thought the system might have some
corruptions and did an rpm -Va, and everything seems to be OK as far
as I can tell... I even went and forced the reinstall of the
e2fsprogs-1.23 RPM just to make sure the fsck binaries are not

Please help.  Is there anything I can do short of reinstallation of
RH7.1?  The system is a Dell 2550 with a PERC3/Di RAID controller,
/dev/sda3 is on a 12 GB RAID 0 stripe volume.

Thanks muchly,


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