Kernel 2.4.9 problems

Bob Staaf rstaaf at
Mon Nov 12 15:10:01 CST 2001

Hello all,

     Just installed 7.2 on a Poweredge 2450 with the Perc3 RAID controller
yesterday and am having some problems with it.  The install went fine,
upgrading all of the packages through up2date went fine but, when I upgraded
the kernel from 2.4.7 to 2.4.9 through RHN the machine gets hung while


The error seems to be while kjournald is trying to load.  As I said, it
works fine in 2.4.7 but, dies the horrible death in 2.4.9.  Just to mention,
the server has booted a couple of times when running 2.4.9 but, for the most
part it fails with the above error.

Any ideas?


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