Perc3/Di on PE2550 with Suse Linux Email Server II (Runs on 2.2.16 kernel)

Michael Cipriano mciprian at
Fri Nov 9 19:31:00 CST 2001

I am having problems getting the correct per driver (aacraid.o) for the 
2.2.16 kernel. I am trying to install Suse Email server II on a PowerEdge 
2550 with a Perc3/DI ROMB. I can get the scsi card to be recognized via the 
aic7xxx driver just fine, but the aacraid.o driver I can not get to work. 
 I tried multiple ones that I can find around the net, but they were all 
the wrong kernel version of the driver.  Anyone have one they can give me 
that would work on this, or am I going to have to bring up another system 
and compile it myself? Anything would help. Thank You.

Michael Cipriano
Envirocare of Utah
46 West Broadway, Suite 116
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
Phone - 801-532-1330
Fax - 801-537-7345
email - mciprian at

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