aacraid / fsck, was there a bottomline ?

Dirk Wetter dirkw at rentec.com
Fri Nov 9 19:03:00 CST 2001


just finished compiling a new kernel. On my 2550 with
aacraid I 2.4.14-xfs with several drivers related patches
the machine hangs while booting. Last message on the console
is the one from reiserfsck command. (reiserfs is the rootfs,
/var,/tmp ext2) Also a former kernel I build 2.4.13-pre3-xfs
hangs at the same spot. A 2.4.10-preX works however.
 I was wondering whether this is the same problem other people
observed before using aacraid and ext2fs and whether there
was already a solution?


 Dirk Wetter @ Renaissance Techn.
 mailto:<dirkw at rentec dot com>

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