Kernel panics with 7.2 and ANS

David Kinnvall david.kinnvall at
Fri Nov 9 01:13:00 CST 2001

From: "Seth Mos" <knuffie at>
> At 08:41 9-11-2001 +0100, David Kinnvall wrote:
> >Still curious about if and when versions for the later RH
> >errata kernels, preferably with source, will appear...?
> 2.4.9-12 is the latest kernel for 7.1 and 7.2
> It is 2.2.19 for 6.2 and 7.0
> >(My reasoning: Since the errata kernels are officialy
> >  released kernels, there should be officially supported
> Yes.
> >  drivers for them as well, no? My 7.1-machines are still
> >  running 2.4.3 because of this.)
> They should have. Otherwise you are running a insecure box. And if a
> can't make a decent driver release within a few days it is not worth

Right. I guess that the root of this particular driver-problem
is the fact that the iANS driver is not part of the official
RH distribution. That puts the burden of updating the driver
on Intel and Dell. That will hopefully work better from now.
I wish Intel would relicense the iANS driver to enable RH to
include it by default, though.

> A lot of linux boxes hang on something called the internet where
> the door nailed shut should be done as fast as possible.

No kidding.

> The honeynet project noted that a standard linux box without updates
> rooted within 5 minutes (!) after installation. This was without even
> advertising the box or using it for production.

My firewall and snort logs are consistent with this. Countless
portscans and various (rather lame) attack attempts. A tight set
of firewall rules, automatically emailed reports of any suspicious
activity and a paranoid Tripwire-config helps me feel better about
it. For me at this stage, the later kernels are on my wishlist
because of stability and performance reasons, primarily.



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