AMI megaraid performance (was: RE: Dell release of Redhat 7.2)

Basil Hussain basil.hussain at
Thu Nov 8 10:56:12 CST 2001


> On another note, the newer 1.61j firmware for the PERC2/3 card is
> a decent
> speed improvement on raid 10 arrays. We just got a 13MB/sec extra read
> speed (from 58MB/s to 71MB/s).

Intrigued at the prospect of a speed boost for my RAID volumes, I was just
looking at the instructions on how to upgrade the firmware (Dell KB document
FA1058544?), but there's one section that's a little unclear to me. It says:

"If you currently have an operating system loaded, you will want to update
the driver in the operating system prior to updating the firmware on the

Will the megaraid driver module in 'off-the-shelf' RH7.0 installations
(kernel 2.2.16-22enterprise) need upgrading?

On another note, I'm slightly disappointed that you need to reboot from the
floppy disk to perform the upgrade, what with our Dell servers having had
over 130 days uptime so far and all! :-)


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