TBU options for PowerEdge 2550

Hubbard, David dhubbard at dino.hostasaurus.com
Wed Nov 7 21:35:01 CST 2001

I bought a 120T for my PE2400 thinking I'd use it with
a number of commercial packages.  I tried ARCServe and
pulled that off promptly.  It was a decent price, but
just to install it, you have to have the RPM version of
Apache loaded to 'prove' you will be able to use the
web interface, which it requires.  So after fooling it
into working, then I noticed that it takes a 12 meg java
download each time you want to manage it, etc.  It did
support the 120T though, which was good.

Next, tried Arkeia's product, unreliable for backups
and even less reliable for restores...  it did work with
the 120T too though but is 'work' the correct term since
it loaded the tapes but didn't reliably write or read
from them?

Finally, since I have a lot of expertise in Veritas
NetBackup from other work, I broke down and bought it
for linux and of course it is by far the most
expensive.  Well it turns out that Veritas hasn't
written drivers for any autoloader/libraries under
linux except for DLT, they do support all library
types under just about every other platform they
support.  NetBackup does work great though, it
is ultra reliable, has a great command line
interface, many of it's operations can be scripted,
etc.  So it's worth the premium cost, but I had to
buy a big AIT drive to tide me over until they get
the 4mm autoloader support working on linux.

Just some thoughts, sorry for rambling,


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The offically supported list of TBUs for the PowerEdge 2550 does not include
any of the PowerVault 110T Single tape DLT4000/7000/DLT1 external units. I
see no reason why they won't work; a remote site wants to use this type
single external tape unit, native TAR backups only (which apparently rules
out LTO due to speed unless you are running SW like ARCServe) so they can
swap the unit between servers as required. I have also been told that
autoloader setups are not natively supported in RH 7.1 (like the PowerVault
120T 7 tape autoloader). Is anyone using a setup like this or have
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