TBU options for PowerEdge 2550

John_E_Fitzgerald@Dell.com John_E_Fitzgerald at Dell.com
Wed Nov 7 21:21:00 CST 2001

The offically supported list of TBUs for the PowerEdge 2550 does not include
any of the PowerVault 110T Single tape DLT4000/7000/DLT1 external units. I
see no reason why they won't work; a remote site wants to use this type
single external tape unit, native TAR backups only (which apparently rules
out LTO due to speed unless you are running SW like ARCServe) so they can
swap the unit between servers as required. I have also been told that
autoloader setups are not natively supported in RH 7.1 (like the PowerVault
120T 7 tape autoloader). Is anyone using a setup like this or have

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