Redhat 7.2 kernel-smp-2.4.9-7 failure on 2550

Woodcock, Steve SWoodcock at
Wed Nov 7 03:54:00 CST 2001

Matt_Domsch at writes:

> Absolutely.  Sounds like there's something wierd with IRQ routing on
> your system.  Can you post the diff (diff -bu) between the working
> and non-working kernel dmesg?  (serial console is your friend here!)
> On the non-smp kernel, you would expect to see IRQ sharing (it
> doesn't use the IOAPICs, so you've got only IRQ 0-15 at most to use,
> and most of those are already assigned to something).

Is there anything else I can do to help diagnose this problem?

Regards, Steve Woodcock

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