What to do when one HD goes down?

Hubbard, David dhubbard at dino.hostasaurus.com
Tue Nov 6 15:11:01 CST 2001

Just use the Dell tool for managing your raid array, afacli, and
from in the afacli CLI program, just do a:

use afa0
enclosure prepare slot 0 #

Where # is the disk slot that needs to be removed, from 0 to 5.
Your server will power down the disk, you pop the new one
in, and it should start rebuilding on it's own.  Make sure you get
the slot number correct of course, you can check it with a
'container list' command from within afacli to make sure you have
the correct bad disk.


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> Subject: What to do when one HD goes down?
> Hi All,
> I have a PE2400 with 5 HD's in Raid5 and a perc raid series hardware
> raid controller (system is now 1 year old). My server is Debian potato
> based. I only upgraded to kernel to a 2.4.x series and some other
> software but that has not anything to do with my question (DHCP, BIND
> and Samba).
> mu qyestion is: What do I do when one of my HD's goes down 
> and I need to
> replace it What command do I use to re-sync this HD whit the 
> rest of my
> 4 HD's?
> I did read documentation about it but properly misses domething?
> Which doc should i read to 'upgrade' my knowledge about Linux 
> on PE with
> hardware raid5?
> best Regards,
> Ries van Twisk
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