What to do when one HD goes down?

Ries van twisk rvt at dds.nl
Tue Nov 6 14:59:01 CST 2001

Hi All,

I have a PE2400 with 5 HD's in Raid5 and a perc raid series hardware
raid controller (system is now 1 year old). My server is Debian potato
based. I only upgraded to kernel to a 2.4.x series and some other
software but that has not anything to do with my question (DHCP, BIND
and Samba).

mu qyestion is: What do I do when one of my HD's goes down and I need to
replace it What command do I use to re-sync this HD whit the rest of my
4 HD's?

I did read documentation about it but properly misses domething?

Which doc should i read to 'upgrade' my knowledge about Linux on PE with
hardware raid5?

best Regards,
Ries van Twisk

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