aacraid-20011010, kernel 2.4.14 - Success

Nathan Vack njvack at library.wisc.edu
Tue Nov 6 10:20:23 CST 2001

Matt_Domsch at Dell.com wrote:

>>Just FYI, the latest aacraid driver patches, compiles, and 
>>boots cleanly  on the new 2.4.14 kernel.
>Excellent.  What file system(s) do you have on the aacraid?  The fsck issues
>may be FS dependent...
I'm having good results with e2fs and reiserfs; been making test 
filesystems and filling them with crap and fscking them to make sure 
they're stable. I've never had a problem (but then again, I didn't with 
2.4.13 either).

In case it matters, this is a 4400 with the PERC 3/Di, build 2993.

HSL Systems
UW Madison

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