another 2.4.12 + aacraid + SuSE failure.

Hendrik Visage hvisage at
Mon Nov 5 23:12:00 CST 2001

On Tue, Nov 06, 2001 at 12:05:37PM +1000, Chris Pascoe wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> > Been pounding away on recompiling 2.4.10 on PE2500 with PERC3/DI and was
> > getting the same hang at CHECKING ROOT FILESYSTEM.
> [...]
> I'm now seeing these hangs with the RedHat 2.4.9-13 kernel - 4 consecutive
> reboots now, it's just hung on but it has been fine before.  I'll power
> cycle the machine (test box) shortly.  Any further ideas / news on this bug?

The"interesting" part of this, it appears sofar only on fsck'ing ext2.
The reiserfs & ext3 (which doesn't really do fsck's) appears to work fine.

The fsck hangs while opening the raw device, thus is could be a locking
issue in the opening of devices, or the method of opening used by fsck.


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