help w/aacraid/suse7.3/.2.4.10 Matt_Domsch at
Mon Nov 5 15:14:01 CST 2001

> dont understand how to "patch" the aacraid module that came 
> w/suse7.3, could 
> someone please explain ? thanks very much :-)

SuSE 7.3 already includes the aacraid driver I believe (I don't have a set
of CDs here to check against, but 7.2 had it).  

> i have suse 7.3, (2.4.10) w/aacraid module dated 9/28/01 and 
> it locks on fsck.

This seems to be common, but not strictly a driver thing, but a generic
kernel thing.  You might try with a recent -ac kernel.  FWIW, this problem
hasn't been seen on Red Hat kernels that I'm aware of.


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