Kernel 2.4.x on DELL 1300 series

Gordon McCrae gmccrae at
Mon Jun 25 12:22:00 CDT 2001

I've come across a problem with my DELL 1300 series boxes and the 2.4.x

When I installed either Mandrake 8.0, SUSE7.1, or Caldera 3.1 with 2.4.x
kernels on the 1300 series boxes, everything seems to be fine.

But when I then try to reboot, the system shuts down to the point of
saying "Now rebooting system" and hangs there.

I've made sure that the BIOS is upgraded to A11, my perc2/sc (or
perc2/dc, depending on box) is running Firmware 3.13.

This doesn't happen on any of my other PowerEdge systems (2450, 6300,


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