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Jeremy JerMe at
Mon Jun 25 08:20:01 CDT 2001

Hi guys,
    I purchased a PowerEdge 1400SC a few months ago. I was so pleased, that I'm currently awaiting the delivery of a Latitude C800.  

    When I was unpacking the server, I found a CD for dell OpenManage software. However, it stated that it was only for Windows based machines... From what I hear there's a copy of this for RH Linux 7, right? If so, where can I find it?

    Also, I'm looking for a fast CD-RW drive that is known to work with RH 7, and supports CD-RW/UDF. I'm managed to track down some (experimental) drivers that will work with UDF and packet-writing. Is there a more stable version out there? (I found them on I was planning on using this for automated backups with PERL scripts and cron jobs to start the backups. Would that be possible?


Jeremy Booker
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