PwerEdge 2400 running RedHat 6.2 & 2.4.2 Performance Issue

Matt Tharma mtharmal at
Fri Jun 22 09:35:00 CDT 2001

Hello guys,

I have been dealing with a Dell PowerEdge 2400. I had trouble
configuring this box before and I got great help from Matt . It was
working fine for 4 weeks. All of a sudden this box is behaving odd! The
load on the box is jumping up and down like it never did before!
This is the first time I am working with a Dell box. I have seen some
mail from this mailing list about 2.4.2 and SMP performances (please
correct me if I am wrong).

Is there someone else had the same problem just like me. Now I am
planning on compiling the 2.4.5 kernel with all the SCSI and SMP patches
and going to give it a shot. I hope this will fix my problem. If you
guys know anything that I should be doing on this box please send it to

Box Details:
This box has SMP with 5 SCSI drives with Perc/2SI Raid controller.



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