OpenManage server drivers

Chris Chabot chabotc at
Thu Jun 21 12:56:01 CDT 2001

Dear Sirs,
    I would like to enquire to the availability of the OpenManage Server
Agent which i can use on our PowerEdge 2550 servers.

    We have to run a custom kernel (for ipvs support, newer firewalling
and various security patches), and the provided OpenManage binary tools,
do not function on our setup.

    We have bought over 10 PowerEdge 2550's, with near maxed-out
configuration, mainly because we expected them to function well with
Linux (as mentioned before, running a custom kernel, on redhat 7.1).

    Finding that these OpenManage tools do not function for our systems,
is very disapointing, since we were hoping to use these tools for our
setup. Not being able to do so degrades the quality of the servers for
our usage. Thus i would stronly like to ask if you would consider
releasing the source code for these OpenManage Server agents, or in some
other way enable them to run on a wider range of distrubutions and
kernel versions.

    We are currently evaluating to purchase more systems from Dell, and
i must say, for the most part we are delighted wtih the linux support
from dell (all our dell notebooks, workstations, and now servers run
Linux, with full hardware support), so we would be even more delighted
if we could use this piece of usefull functionality as well..

Kind Regards,
    Chris Chabot
    WebConsult AG.

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