Please, device driver diskette for redhat7.1 and PERC 3 Di

Jose Vano xx at
Wed Jun 20 05:43:01 CDT 2001


Thank you for reading this message.

We have a PowerEdge 4400 with PERC 3Di

We have successfully installed redhat 6.2 with the device driver diskette
in the PRC2DD21.ZIP

Now, we want to install redhat7.1, but unfortunately there is no
device driver diskette in your web-site to install redhat 7.1
from the installation CDs.

where could we find a device driver diskette to install
the redhat 7.1 (kernel 2.4) from the installation CDs?

(We'd like to do a "clean" installation, not an upgrade
from a previous version)

(And we need to install our PERC raid controller as the
boot disk controller because there is no IDE disk in
our PowerEdge).

Thank you very much.

  Jose Vano
  xx at

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