2550 & RH 7.1?

David Kinnvall david.kinnvall at alertir.com
Mon Jun 18 14:59:00 CDT 2001

From: <Matt_Domsch at Dell.com>

> > Are there any gotchas involved in moving up to RedHat
> > 7.1 and the 2.4.x kernel series that are related to
> > this machine and its hardware? The one we bought has
> > the PERC3/Di RAID-adapter activated.
> It's supported in the 7.1 retail CDs already.

So I noticed, after a bit of searching. The Red Hat hardware
compatibility list search utility is certainly not complete.  :-)

> > Would a straight upgrade installation using RedHat 7.1
> > media work?
> Dell has done limited upgrade testing.  In my tests, it's worked fine.
> All the aacraid patches are already in the 7.1 kernel.  The
> aacraid-controlled devices are all supported straight out of the box.

Indeed! Today I wiped the preinstalled 7.0 installation and started
from scratch with 7.1 and a new partition layout. Worked with no
problems whatsoever. I'm currently beating the machine with a
number of bonnie++ runs as well as a few parallel kernel compiles
and what have you. Not a single hickup so far. Excellent.

With two 1GHz CPUs, 1GB mem and four 18GB disks, the
machine will serve as our primary DB server, running PostgreSQL.

The first database to be handled by it contains a small number of
tables with 250000-2000000 records each. 2-3 of the tables will
have to manage continuous updates at the rate of 100/second and
reads in roughly the same range as well. Should be no problem.

> > Will there be a forthcoming RedHat 7.1-based official
> > release from Dell? Is the 2550 being certified by RedHat?
> Yes, and yes. :-)  Watch dell.com/linux for the announcement.

Great! Any idea whether the official 7.1-based release will contain
any major changes (as in new kernel?) or simply a few packaged
add-ons such as RAID array management tools etc.? Oh, and the
biggie: Server Agent software for SNMP management? For what
kernel version(s)? With source, perhaps? That would be _very_
useful indeed, since we will most certainly be faced with a kernel
recompile down the road for a number of reasons.

Any hint at a timeframe? :-)



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