Rescue CD; Red Hat 7.2 on PowerEdge 2550 Matt_Domsch at
Thu Jun 14 21:02:00 CDT 2001

Hi Jim.

> Matt - I appreciate the Linux on Poweredge support page you set up at
> .  We (Pason) have purchased 6 Dell 
> servers in the
> last 6 months, including 4 PE2550 and 2 PE4400, all of which 
> run (or will
> run) Linux.  We intend to increase our Linux use in the 
> future and Linux
> support from the hardware vendor is very important to us.

Thanks.  Glad to hear it!  My team works hard to make sure that Dell servers
are the best possible platform available for running Linux.

> One thing that I, personally, would find useful would be a 
> vendor-provided
> rescue CD which contains an almost-fully-functional Linux 
> system on the
> bootable CD, with device support for all the network 
> hardware, RAID hard-
> ware, etc. on the server.

Interesting request, one I haven't received before.  I suppose that rescue
mode on the Red Hat CDs isn't sufficient, as it doesn't include SCSI tape
support and/or tar, huh?  Perhaps your best avenue for such is to put in a
new bug into, against Red Hat Linux 7.1,
anaconda package, severity "RFE" for Request for Enhancement.  If there's
space in rescue mode, they may well include it.  It's a good idea.  (I
haven't played with rescue mode in 7.1 in a while, it may well include it
already, I just don't know off hand.)

> "Red Hat Linux 7.1 (kernel 2.4.2-2) includes aacraid-030101"
> but no download or availability information.  Is this on the 
> Red Hat 7.1 CD's?  I have looked for it but didn't find it.

To borrow a phrase, "It's in there." :-)  RHL7.1 has support for all aacraid
devices already, including on the PE2550 and PE4400, in all kernels.  That's
what being partners with Red Hat means.  We work really hard to make sure
all our hardware is supported when they release a new version of the OS.  Of
course, later releases have more hardware support than older releases (you
mention 6.x on your web page, before the PE2550 was a glimmer in someone's

Thanks for being a great Dell | Linux customer, and for your comments.  We
love the direct feedback.

Matt Domsch
Sr. Software Engineer
Dell Linux Solutions

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