2550 & RH 7.1?

David Kinnvall david.kinnvall at alertir.com
Thu Jun 14 03:24:00 CDT 2001


My company has recently bought a PowerEdge 2550, with
RedHat 7.0 preinstalled. Very nice machine!

Are there any gotchas involved in moving up to RedHat
7.1 and the 2.4.x kernel series that are related to
this machine and its hardware? The one we bought has
the PERC3/Di RAID-adapter activated.

Would a straight upgrade installation using RedHat 7.1
media work? I see that there are a few aacraid-related
patches that seem to be necessary to apply. My guess is
that the default kernel in RH 7.1 does not have these
patches applied. Will the machine survive long enough
to manage a recompile of a newer kernel with the patches
applied, or would I be better off doing that on a different

Will there be a forthcoming RedHat 7.1-based official
release from Dell? Is the 2550 being certified by RedHat?

Any hints to answers on these question would be greatly
appreciated! Any pointers to where I should have went to
read before posting, likewise. :-)

Best regards,

/David Kinnvall

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