open source server agent drivers

Neil Spring nspring at
Wed Jun 13 22:25:00 CDT 2001

Open source linux drivers for the open manage server agent
would be helpful to us.

I'll leave the open-source advocacy to others with more
experience, and stick to our experiences.

We (networking researchers at the university of washington)
recently acquired a set of 10 PowerEdge 1550's and
one 2550.  These are used to test and benchmark kernel
modifications, to act as compute servers for network
simulations, and for various other projects.

That we need to modify the kernel means that we have to
run a recent version of the kernel (2.4 series), and can't
limit ourselves to precompiled kernels.  We also use the
Debian distribution for ease of cluster administration
and software updates, but that's secondary to our need to
build our own, cutting edge kernels.

We've also suffered climate control issues in the machine
room where the server cabinet lives, which means that
some of the machines have been disabled to reduce heat.
We have a thermometer inside the cabinet, but it would be
great to use each machine's internal temperature sensor
and automatically disable machines when they exceed their
maximum operating temperature.

As you probably realize, we spend more for linux support
and standards compliance.  Our use of APC UPS's is in
part from the availablility of linux daemons to support
them.  Using the AMI based raid controllers instead of
Adaptec's also makes life simpler, particularly for debian

If you have questions about our setup, or would like to
announce source code for a 2.4 version of the server agent
drivers <grin>, feel free to contact me.


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