Openmanage kernel module for 2.4.x series kernel

Lee Whatley (System Admin) lee at
Tue Jun 12 13:50:01 CDT 2001


I administrate several Poweredge 2450 and 1550 servers at the University
of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.  My superiors have decreed that I must run the
Dell Openmanage client on these servers so that they can be monitored
along with the NT servers.  I am using the 2.4.5 kernel and must stay on
this kernel (or at least on the 2.4.x series anyway)  From what I have
seen most modules in the 2.4 series will load regardless of a minor
number difference, so I don't necessarily need a module for 2.4.5, but I
need to know when a module for any 2.4.x series kernel will be
available.  Also, are there any chances that this software will ever be
open-sourced?  Thanks for your time.

-Lee S. Whatley
System Administrator, University of Alabama C&BA

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