request for OpenManage SNMP Linux agents Matt_Domsch at
Tue Jun 12 09:35:00 CDT 2001

> 	I would like to propose that Dell release a 'semi-opensource' 
> OpenManage SNMP agent. Keep Dell's intellectual property in a 
> binary-only, closed-source format, and release the SNMP hardware 
> 'hooks' in an open-sourced format. To me, this is the best of both 
> worlds. Take advantage of the Dell/Linux community's size and momentum
> to help you maintain the OpenManage snmp agents.

Hi Chris.  I'd like to thank you for your thoughtful and well-worded
request.  As you know, I'm collecting requests such as this as leverage to
make changes to OpenManage that truly help customers such as yourself.
Dell's direct model encourages customer feedback, which is taken into
account during product development.  Your words really do make a difference.

Thanks again!

Matt Domsch
Sr. Software Engineer
Dell Linux Solutions

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