request for OpenManage SNMP Linux agents

Chris Price cprice at
Mon Jun 11 21:10:01 CDT 2001


	My company currently owns several poweredge 2450 and 4250 
based systems. If business grows, we can see ourselves purchasing
10-20 more 2xxx and 4xxx poweredge systems in the next year.

	The one significant shortcoming that our poweredge servers 
have is the lack of a portable SNMP agent. We are an extremely proactive 
company in terms of security, and tend to keep our systems very current 
through the use of automated build systems. Unfortunately, the Dell 
OpenManage SNMP agents are slow to respond to changing kernel and 
distribution revisions.

	I need SNMP monitoring for my systems, but cannot allow myself 
to have production system configurations determined by the versioning
requirements of closed-source OpenManage SNMP agents. In a choice 
between securing my customer's data and having a enterprise monitoring 
system in place, security wins.

	Currently my mission critical systems (4) are running on Sun
Solaris Ultrasparc machines because I cannot SNMP monitor my Dell Linux 
boxes. The ROI on my Dell boxes is FAR in excess of my Sun boxes, and 
I would love to stick these Sun boxes on ebay and get rid of them.

	I would like to propose that Dell release a 'semi-opensource' 
OpenManage SNMP agent. Keep Dell's intellectual property in a 
binary-only, closed-source format, and release the SNMP hardware 
'hooks' in an open-sourced format. To me, this is the best of both 
worlds. Take advantage of the Dell/Linux community's size and momentum
to help you maintain the OpenManage snmp agents.

	I would love to see Dell/Linux start to compete head-to-head 
with Sun's UltraSparc Solaris platform as a viable enterprise solution.
I think Dell is 80% of the way to achieving this goal, and a portable, 
maintainable SNMP solution is a big part of that last 20%.


	Chris Price
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