Where'd my memory go? (2.2.16 -> 2.2.19)

Hubbard, David dhubbard at dino.hostasaurus.com
Sun Jun 10 17:09:00 CDT 2001

Hi all,
	I've got a PE 2400 that had 320 MB of memory in
two 128's and a 64.  This morning I swapped the memory
out with four 256 MB chips, $70/each from Crucial.Com
by the way!!  Well, I had been running Dell's own
2.2.16-4.lfs kernel and after reboot it correctly
displayed one gig of memory or some number around
there, I didn't look closely enough because it seemed

At this point, I decided to upgrade to the stock RedHat
2.2.19-6.2.1 kernel for RedHat 6.2 which I'm running.
That went on fine but after the machine rebooted, I seem
to have lost 80 megs of my memory!  Here's the output
from /proc/meminfo, top and free confirm the same lower

# cat /proc/meminfo 
        total:    used:    free:  shared: buffers:  cached:
Mem:  939089920 211484672 727605248        0 52502528 99631104

Any ideas where it went?  I remember a long time ago
I used to have to use a mem=xxxM in the append line of
lilo.conf to tell a machine how much memory it had but 2.2
was not supposed to need that anymore.  I can't use it
anyway because I already have a append="max_scsi_luns=2" in
there for my Dell PowerVault 120T autoloader.

Thanks for any ideas everyone,


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