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Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 09:12:56 -0500 (CDT)
From: Michael E Brown <michael_e_brown at dell.com>
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On Thu, 30 Aug 2001, David Forslund wrote:

> I have a dual processor 1550 with 1Gbyte of memory with RH 7.1
> preinstalled.  I also received a 15" Dell monitor and want to get X11
> up, but Xconfigurator says that there is an error and I get no display.
> There is no
> indication what the error is.   Any suggestions as to how to solve this
> problem?

Dell factory installed systems should come with X preconfigured. You
should only have to type 'startx' or switch your initdefault runlevel to 5
in /etc/inittab.

> Also, when the system is up and running, I can ping it, but I can't get
> any response from sshd or from the web server once it is fired up.   I
> chose the medium security option when installing the software.  Any
> suggestions here?

Use 'lokkit' to change your firewall settings to 'custom' and allow ssh
and web. By default, medium security blocks these, I believe.

> Thanks,
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