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Boot the installer with "expert noprobe" option. This will prevent the
installer from automatically loading drivers. In the driver selection
screen, select the aacraid and then the megaraid, and everything should be
in the right order to get you up and running.

The rest of the installation process should be the same. The only thing
that "expert" mode changes is loading of drivers.

On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Ron Reed wrote:

> I have an issue with the RedHat 7.1sbe installer on the CD. It loads the
> scsi modules in a bad order. I have several PowerEdge 2550 servers that we
> just got from Dell. RedHat 7.1sbe was installed on them from the factory,
> but there are too many things installed that we do not want installed. So I
> set about making a KickStart configuration to reset the machines. What I
> have run into is the fact that the default installer will load the megaraid
> module before it loads the aacraid module. The aacraid is the interenal raid
> and the megaraid is the external one. How do I get the boot image off of a
> 7.1bse cd so that I can modify it and burn a new cd with the rpms that I
> need to install?
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